A few years back the cover photo of Yoga Samachar, the magazine of the Iyengar Yoga community in the U.S. and beyond, which was published twice a year by the Publications Committee of IYNAUS, featured a charismatic, young teacher out of the Bay Area. Over time, probably in an effort to cut costs, the YogaContinue reading “ULTIMATE FREEDOM FROM IYNAUS”

Is the IYNAUS President Drunk on Power?

Oh my goodness, so much drama around the IYNAUS president. He recently sent an incriminating email with permission to share it widely. When I read it my immediate reaction was, what is this dude hiding!!!! In the email he exonerates himself while he throws several others (by first and last name) under the bus, includingContinue reading “Is the IYNAUS President Drunk on Power?”


Today, IYNAUS sent a letter to its shrinking membership. They don’t seem to post their board updates across all social media platforms anymore…The letter addresses in more detail the complaints by two IYNAUS committee chairs against the IYNAUS president and the similar complaints against the IYNAUS President lodged by the former IYNAUS Director of Operations.Continue reading “IYNAUS BOARD UPDATE”

Just IYNAUS and Sunk Cost Fallacy

I’ve been thinking why anyone would join IYNAUS and/or become a Certified Iyengar Yoga Teacher (CIYT). Back in late 2018, I inquired to the IYNAUS Director of Operations (the one who is now circulating a letter regarding the power abuses of the IYNAUS president) about the number of IYNAUS members. She replied around 5000. TheContinue reading “Just IYNAUS and Sunk Cost Fallacy”

Iyengar Yoga For Scoliosis

If you are looking for a book on yoga for scoliosis that is easy to understand and follow, check out the new book by Rita Lewis-Manos titled : Yoga, Scoliosis, Practice. This gem of a book takes you from observation and discovery of your scoliotic topography and shows you how to work with asymmetries toContinue reading “Iyengar Yoga For Scoliosis”


So IYNAUS responded to its membership about the letter circulating from the former Director of Operations regarding the current IYNAUS president: In the meantime a former board member sent an email to IYNAUS members asking them to sign a petition to request a community meeting. Allegations surfaced months ago, and more details are continuing toContinue reading “JUST WTF IYNAUS?”


“There’s been a quantum leap technologically in our age, but unless there’s another quantum leap in human relations, unless we learn to live in a new way towards one another, there will be a catastrophe.”  Albert Einstein The former Director of Operation at IYNAUS (Iyengar Yoga National Association of the United States) is circulating aContinue reading “IYNAUS”

Iyengar Yoga Online with Manouso Manos

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I’m with the Banned!

Thank you for all the comments on my last post. I only published a few. My last post was my attempt at being proactive because of of previous experiences in the Iyengar yoga community and the recent interest in me and my blog by certain teachers in the Iyengar community. It’s ironic how sales soarContinue reading “I’m with the Banned!”