IYNAUS’ Investigation of Itself

 The investigation will not be limited to one person’s complaint.  It will include other allegations covering the time period from January 1, 1992 to the present.  In this regard, we want the Investigator to conduct a thorough investigation and to be able to consider any allegations concerning this period.  We thus want to assure that all relevant information is before the Investigator.  In the past two months, some individuals submitted emails supporting senior teachers and the Iynaus President and others submitted emails making allegations against them.  All these emails will be provided to the Investigator who has no knowledge of Iyengar yoga, except for the briefing received from a Senior Iyengar teacher.

To assure a thorough investigation, we request that anyone else with relevant information come forward at this time.  In particular, if anyone else has relevant information to report, we request that it be submitted as soon as possible and NO LATER than Friday, December 2.
The simplest way to submit this information is to email it directly to the Investigator.  If emails are sent directly to the Investigator , they must include “IYNAUS” somewhere in the subject line to assure they are properly identified.  

However, if any of you would prefer not to email the investigator directly, emails may also be sent to the President at Iynaus and will then be forwarded to the investigator.  In any case, please submit any additional relevant information as soon as possible.*

Imagine if IYNAUS and the senior Iyengar teachers held themselves to the same level of scrutiny!

*The wording on this post was modified slightly from an email from Iynaus to its members in 2018. Up Yours in Yoga.

3 thoughts on “IYNAUS’ Investigation of Itself

  1. Am I the only one brave enough to comment on your blog?

    The continued dramayama around IYNAUS would be funny if it didn’t hurt so many of its members.

    After teaching over 30 years now, and deciding a LONG time ago that certification was not for me; I am not surprised at the current house of cards falling down!

    Now when will you start to talk about the OTHER organization that all CIYTs seem to have run to — IAYT.

    Another complete shambles of a group. One whose leaders have trashed Iyengar yoga and its senior teaches for years

    How much money can they now suck out of all the CIYTs looking for validation?

    Teach yoga without leaning into fake groups of power hungry shysters!!!

    Learn to stand in the light of yourself…

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    1. Dear Carolyn,
      I wish this were real. The wording was taken from an IYNAUS email about Manouso back in 2018. I was imagining if they (IYNAUS) held themselves up to the same level of scrutiny and solicited anonymous complaints over a 30 year period. I am not sure there is a teacher in the system that would pass this test. My blog is only meant to keep people thinking and keep another narrative alive. Thank you for reading.


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