Spend more than you make teaching Iyengar yoga on Iyengar Yoga continuing education hours! Get your 30 hours by simply paying to attend a class or workshop that you may or may not want to attend. Then don’t forget to log your attendance on your personal page on IYNAUS website before you renew your CIYT Certification Mark fee and pay your IYNAUS dues. Failure to do so may delay the renewal of your meaningless CIYT certification! Easy Peasy! Hurry, hurry–the deadline is approaching.


  1. …and how about all the fees that CIYTs pay to IAYT, yet another completely SHAM organization!
    The senior people there ridiculed and put down Iyengar Yoga for years, until they saw the opportunities for making money from all those CIYTs looking for validation.

    Stay away from these sham “yoga” organizations – all just seedy greedy ones looking for money

    I worked with them for years and saw the inside scam…

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