Is the IYNAUS President Drunk on Power?

Oh my goodness, so much drama around the IYNAUS president. He recently sent an incriminating email with permission to share it widely. When I read it my immediate reaction was, what is this dude hiding!!!! In the email he exonerates himself while he throws several others (by first and last name) under the bus, including the original complainant against Manouso–the one who took her story to the press and across social media channels. I remember seeing him back in 2018 reacting to her social media posts about Manouso. I thought it was so uncool of him. Anyway, fast forward and now he is on the chopping block and maybe he knows what a mob can do since he benefited from one. Alliances shift.

You would think that if it took a team of HR and Law professionals 10 months and 150 hours of interviews to investigate him, he might consider resigning for the good of the organization but instead he sends an email about an illustration done of him that he claims has been taken out of context.

The email he sent is about an illustration called “Drunk on Power” created by a teacher at his studio and an active IYNAUS committee member. As social media chair, this teacher has created several IYNAUS facebook posts and won the design competition for the last Iyengar Yoga convention which was held in Dallas. This person runs the IYNAUS president’s studio and his teacher training course. She is his student, employee, and very close associate and friend. It is my understanding that the IYNAUS president has obtained copyright over this illustration and will sue anyone who shares the image. For those who are wondering: The drawing is of him sprawled out on a sofa with a T shirt that reads F (Om sign instead of a U) cking President, he is drinking from a chalice that has the word POWER written on it and above him is a painting of two people having sex.

I can see why he wants to distance himself from this image drawn by a teacher at his studio and the person he appointed as IYNAUS social media chair.

IYNAUS pretty much polices itself so it stands to reason that they voted that he would remain president until the end of his term in October 2022. Maybe this is a case of what goes around comes around or maybe it’s just a few hundred IYNAUS members making noise, but there are petitions, emails and anonymous emails complaining about IYNAUS and its president but it seems his grip on the power is tight. Someone close to the situation called bullshit on the most recent IYNAUS communication about him (see my last post). Some of the words used were: nepotism, voting interference, aggressive, bullying, intimidating, misogynistic, hostile, partronizing, degrading etc. These types of complaints were made when the chair of the Ethics Committee resigned back when Manouso was being taken down.

Maybe this is why IYNAUS moved the non-profit from California to Michigan. I am not sure how this was explained to the stakeholders but my guess it was for liability and tax purposes.

Yours in Yoga.

3 thoughts on “Is the IYNAUS President Drunk on Power?

  1. I am no longer an Iynaus member, so I did not receive that mad letter signed by its President. Where can we read it? Can you share it? Thank you for your continuing follow up.

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