Today, IYNAUS sent a letter to its shrinking membership. They don’t seem to post their board updates across all social media platforms anymore…The letter addresses in more detail the complaints by two IYNAUS committee chairs against the IYNAUS president and the similar complaints against the IYNAUS President lodged by the former IYNAUS Director of Operations. Here are some highlights from the 17 paragraph letter.

Upon completion of the investigation, the CEIO reported her findings with respect to the one individual complainant in oral summary fashion to the Executive Council without the President in attendance. The Executive Council authorized the CEIO to review the complainant’s allegations with the President, and the CEIO gave an oral summary of that review to the Executive Council. The investigation did not exonerate the President. The investigation found support/substantiation for certain allegations related to the President’s communication style. It did not find support/substantiation for allegations related to other matters. The Executive Council agreed with the CEIO that the evidence proved that the President had used harsh language with the complainant and a directive tone with others. The Executive Council recommended to the Board that the President receive professional executive coaching to improve his communication style and that he not be removed from the Board…..
Excerpt from IYNAUS Board to its dwindling membership

Changes to Governance and Communications Processes
As the events above unfolded, the Board had already been engaged in a concerted effort to correct for certain governance confusion and failures of communication between committees and the Board. We have instituted:
governance training for all Board members,
an annual Board survey which includes a self, Board/Executive Council, and President evaluation,
a Board memorandum of understanding, and
a mandatory board and committee chair election process.

The IYNAUS President has begun coaching with a reputable executive coach with no connection to the IYNAUS organization, Iyengar Yoga, or the President. 

These events have shown that while IYNAUS has established an effective process for addressing ethics complaints against teachers in their capacity as teachers, it does not have the same for addressing Board member, volunteer, and employee complaints. The Board intends to establish a temporary special committee for this purpose. The Committee will include members of our IYNAUS community. It is our hope that we can avoid further disruption in our community, and we are open to ideas about how to accomplish that goal.

IYNAUS did acquiesce to the petition signed by over 200 members requesting a membership meeting facilitated by a neutral third party, and it has lot of vacant board and committee openings, if anyone is interested in trying to recessitate it.

Yours in yoga.

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