I’m with the Banned!

Thank you for all the comments on my last post. I only published a few. My last post was my attempt at being proactive because of of previous experiences in the Iyengar yoga community and the recent interest in me and my blog by certain teachers in the Iyengar community.

It’s ironic how sales soar when books are banned, and I think that is what happened with Manouso’s classes. He continues to attract yoga students who might not otherwise have found him.

Some comments from my last post:

Dear writer,

Love your writing. Have studied with dozens of teachers. I consider Manouso a national treasure. His teaching is extraordinary. My email is in the comments sign-in form. Please keep me on your email list if you are censored by the scolding class.


Manouso is the most capable Iyengar yoga teacher alive. We owe a debt to Him. We owe a debt to you for writing this blog. Continue. Those who try to censor the truth tell lies. “Do the needful”

I’ve been asked what my end game is with this blog. I was up front about it since my first post back in 2019. I want people to know that there is another side to the story besides the the one pushed by IYNAUS and the internet mob.

There were many who stood to gain a lot from removing Manouso from the Iyengar tradition. Before she died, Geeta Iyengar said it herself in a letter to the IYNAUS board of directors,

Regarding the first matter, we are taken aback that you have chosen to hire an external investigator recommended by yoga Alliance to reinvestigate this matter. We see your point that the Board of directors have taken this decision to protect the name of Iyengar yoga in America. The investigation by the Ethics Committee followed the standard procedure, due process and provided a clear conclusion. When all of those who were in the committee that were in charge of this investigation cleared the matter without any conflict, we don’t see why you have reopened this case and that too with an external examiner. Without any additional evidence or witnesses, it doesn’t make sense to have undertaken this decision. That too, to have an investigator recommended by Yoga Alliance is like admitting that the
first investigation was not fair. It seems like IYNAUS is admitting to be lacking in its judgment and in that case, there is a bigger problem, not a problem involving just an individual.
Secondly, to call for anonymous complaints from 1992 to now is
unreasonable and troubling. Guruji said that those who express views without revealing their names, are in political terms fence-sitters so that they can move to the side which is convenient to them. He did not accept those views and we honor his wisdom- that is yogic way. As a lawyer you may argue either side of it but we question the legality of this and strongly believe that it is not ethical or yogic.
Maybe you have taken this decision out of nervousness because of the havoc being created in the social media.
Even though we don’t want to be judgmental it also seems like there is an animosity that is driving all this. You cannot assume that an individual is guilty and go all out to prove that. Yoga teachers and Iyengar yoga Associations should act with more responsibility.

It is my intention to keep this narrative alive because I believe what went down with Manouso was one-sided and designed to find guilt. In a democracy, a person being accused learns the identity of their accuser(s); has the opportunity to question their claims; to explain their ‘side’ of the story, to tell their truth and to have their day in court. Manouso was not given this opportunity.

Manouso has helped so many people over the years and asked for nothing in return other than they take responsibility for themselves. He is my teacher and has helped me be a better human being. In service to him and humanity, I write this blog and “do the needful”.

Thank you Manouso and to those who read this blog.

3 thoughts on “I’m with the Banned!

  1. Human Nature always wants what is forbidden. So it is that Manouso is flourishing while his enemies are dying on the
    vine. Couldn’t happen to nicer and more deserving people.
    You have pointed out this travesty of justice from day one and you have always remained Manouso’s Guardian Angel!

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  2. Geeta’s clarity shines through in your quote from her. At one point, it seemed Manouso’s attackers were products of the “me-too” movement, but you have noted something else here. “In a democracy” . . . Well now it seems, perhaps, that we are a microcosm of the decay of democracy in our nation. We can do what Manouso always advocates with earnestness, be personally responsible, for ourselves, our actions. We can and must do our best in this way. It will not be enough to stem the tide of disintegration.

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  3. I love you for your courage and your determination to share this other, important narrative. Every time I see that letter of Geeta’s I’m stunned by her clarity. And then, I’m stunned that her wishes were disregarded once she passed away. Silencing you and hiding this narrative is neither democratic nor yogic; its mostly just pathetic.

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