Happy 70th Manouso Manos!

On April 29, 1988, 100 of the world’s finest photojournalists roamed the Golden State to capture its essence. The results are in this coffee table book of everything California,. Manouso is featured on a two-page spread and has a spot on the back cover!

January 9, 2022 is Manouso’s 70th birthday. Happy Birthday, Manouso! So many of us have benefited from your yoga teaching and your generosity.

I already miss the Abode of Iyengar Yoga. Whenever I crossed the threshold and entered the studio, all else receded. Manouso and Rita created a supportive and warm community at the Abode. Their reverence for yoga and humanity permeated the space. Manouso’s teachings inspired me to be better, and I formed deep connections with other seekers at the Abode. Manouso’s selflessness touched us all and made us better humans.

The Abode of Iyengar Yoga was a very special place–a once-in-a-lifetime experience where many lives were transformed. I feel fortunate to have had the experience and to continue to study with the master. Happy Birthday, Manouso!

One thought on “Happy 70th Manouso Manos!

  1. Besides Rita Manos, Manouso’s wife, he always says I was his first student! This was in San Francisco, 82!!! I am also the first person who taught an Iyengar yoga class in Brasilia,Brazil, 90! I still take Manouso’s class via zoom, here in Rio de Janeiro, where I live at the moment!

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