Iyengar Yoga Hypocrisy

Back when Manouso was being skewered on social media and before the interviews came out that were called an independent investigation, the owner of the Iyengar yoga studio where I taught invited me to dinner to talk about the Manouso situation.

I liked the owner of the Iyengar studio and still do, though we have very different perspectives. During dinner she lectured me about all Manouso’s flaws as a human, as a male, and as a yoga teacher. I was taken aback by her assertions because I knew she had only taken a handful of classes with Manouso while I had studied with him hundreds of times. It was the confidence with which she made these false proclamations that got to me.

At some point during the conversation she asked me why my original Iyengar yoga teacher left the Iyengar system. I told her that my teacher went to the 2012 mega class taught by Geeta Iyengar in Portland, Oregon and decided Geeta was abusive, and she no longer wanted to be associated with IYNAUS or Iyengar Yoga.

She responded with a dismissive wave of the hand and said, “That’s just Geeta.”

You can’t have it both ways.

The reference that Manouso is guilty is not consistent with any legal finding. Manouso has denied and continues to deny all the charges.

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