Iyengar Yoga with Manouso

You had to be there. Keeping it real with Manouso. It was all middle back yesterday and it was mind blowing. I marvel how Manouso gives us the roadmap to finding places in our bodies that have been untouched and dormant. He keeps the yoga real; he makes it accessible so we can relate it to our lives to help ourselves and then help those around us. We are part of the universe not witnesses to it.

Thank you, Manouso, for showing up every day and keeping Iyengar yoga accessible and interesting. For me, your classes have been the greatest gift to come out of this pandemic.

4 thoughts on “Iyengar Yoga with Manouso

  1. Manouso’s knowledge is encyclopedic; his ability to teach and explain all in a very interesting and entertaining
    way that makes the student want to learn is absolutely brilliant and amazing.
    I do miss his classes and the energy that emanates from Manouso.
    His personality and charisma do not translate as well via zoom.
    Can’t wait for the reopening of his studio!!!

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  2. “Take me down to the river”, I heard the joke in my head, just seeing your photo. I’ve heard the joke more than once in anantasana.
    I agree, Manouso’s classes a good/wonderful thing in a time of bad things.

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