Disillusioned With Iyengar Yoga

Thank you to all who read this blog. I am stunned that so many of you have found your way to it, as I have done nothing to promote it. I told no one about it but somehow word has spread. I feel for my Iyengar Yoga comrades (CIYTs) who are forced to hide that Manouso is their teacher and have had his name stripped from their bios without their permission, though most of their chops come from him. It’s a hard place to be and they have to make a living. Paradoxes abound. I am thankful for those who leave comments. Below is a sampling:

I have stopped referring to the process engaged in by the lawyer hired by IYNAUS as an investigation. It was a collection of interviews. I call it “the report”. There was no investigation whatsoever. The lawyer simply said after interviews with the accusers that she found their accusations credible, in part because they agreed with each other. (Of course they agreed with each other, they had been talking to Remski and Farhi for some time.) She never offered any evidence.

I can’t attend on Tuesdays. But, today, wow! Actually, every day. Thank you for your writings! I feel less alone.

Brilliant; you nailed it exactly as it was projected. Thank you for helping us to relive those special moments. I’m especially glad you captured that picture of Manouso and Rita. I loved it and was sad I couldn’t relish it more when he terminated the meeting. Now I can see it again thanks to you.

It was a beautiful class! Manouso seems so in tune with the universe. Another yoga friend told us she is always amazed that in the days you need it most, Manouso has just the yoga that calls-so true!


Thanks for all the writings that you have done. What happened to Manouso is a complete; miscarriage of justice.

I appreciate your blog

Thank you for writing your columns and for supporting Manouso.

I always look forward to reading your columns.

Thank you Manouso for your brilliant teachings. Your Chinese New Year/Valentine’s/Lincoln’s Birthday/Presidents’ Day class was the bomb. Your assistants are my Iyengar Yoga heroes.

2 thoughts on “Disillusioned With Iyengar Yoga

  1. I am thankful for your postings. The frames of adjustments from Estes Park show that it’s not only the former president and cronies who so consistently engage in lies. This is not just a MeToo product, but a product of the times in which anyone can say something did or did not happen, regardless of proof to the contrary.
    I missed Manouso’s birthday class and loved the posted photo. I got to see his Valentine’s Day class because he sent me the recording, in response to a request I had made for a student. He is beyond generous with his knowledge and caring. I feel bad, though, for those who will never know it.

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