Iyengar Yoga Politics

What happened at the US Capitol Wednesday reminded me of the last Iyengar yoga convention in Dallas. Herd mentality and conspiracy theories don’t mix well, just as herd mentality and righteous yogis dripping in white privilege don’t mix. I hear the words…”Don’t be a sheep”.

Manouso responded in the most beautiful of ways with a restorative sequence and talk about yoga. We started in prasarita padottanasana and then went to a supported setu bandha over two bolsters. This pose makes us open and vulnerable. Back to prasarita padottanasan with head down breathing into the back body and then into a series of poses of protection which invite introspection like supported kurmasana and janu sirsasana with a blanket over our heads. Meanwhile Manouso is talking about yoga and how it is the study of self and how we can’t possibly understand others until we understand ourselves. He says yoga gives us tools to suffer the slings and arrows that the universe throws at us- and reminds us that we can only control our reaction. As always he guides us to take responsibility for ourselves in our yoga practice and then outward in the world to make it a better place.

One thought on “Iyengar Yoga Politics

  1. It was a beautiful class! Manouso seems so in tune with the universe. Another yoga friend told us she is always amazed that in the days you need it most, Manouso has just the yoga that calls-so true!

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