I’ve taken a break from writing this blog for no other reason than I have been busy. Obviously blog writing is not my source of income, it’s just my way of taking action against something I feel is hugely unjust against someone I consider amazingly generous and giving. Such is life, but sometimes standing idly by pretending behavior is normal when you know in your heart and gut it is not, doesn’t feel good. A similar scenario is playing out with one of the U.S. political parties as I write this. I see many similarities within the Iyengar yoga system for many of the same reasons.

It’s been so long since IYNAUS took away Manouso’s certification given to him by BKS Iyengar and subsequently initiated a hunt for teachers who study with him. I find it amazing that the situation hasn’t died down more than it has. But, alas, one of his accusers continues to hassle anyone she suspects of studying with Manouso including Manouso’s wife, Rita. She sends emails, calls them out on social media, leaves voicemails etc. The independent investigator spent 10 hours interviewing this woman and substantiated her testimony, though she didn’t speak with anyone at Manouso’s studio to corroborate her story. In her testimony, the accuser said her boyfriend witnessed the assault. Mind you, I had never seen the word labia in print so many times until I read the report. That was a stunning use of the word labia. In any case, she claimed her boyfriend witnessed Manouso’s foot on her labia for a minute or more while she was fully clothed in a crowded public yoga class. Okay. Since the investigator didn’t corroborate her story, I did. Here’s what I found:

Then I saw this same accuser on social media threatening another teacher at Manouso’s studio so I contacted that teacher and here’s the reply,

And that’s just for starters….

2 thoughts on “#TRUTH

  1. Glad ;you are writing again. I missed reading your blogs. Keep it up!
    Don’t stop.
    Unfortunately there are sick people in this world who have nothing else to do; the falsehoods that they are spewing
    keeps them in the spotlight.
    Was her boyfriend (TS) ever interviewed?
    ::She is one sick puppy.

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  2. Am very happy you are back. Keep it up. The ;more people that read your blog, the better chance that Manouso
    will get exonerated. If enough people start questioning the verdict, the more pressure starts to build on the Iyengar

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