I question the integrity and validity of the independent investigation against Manouso Manos for many reasons:

  • I was in the class where the alleged assault occurred. Though I repeatedly communicated that I was in the class, I was not contacted by the independent investigator until I requested to be interviewed. I checked my notes with the notes of others who were in the class, and we maintain that the pose Gandaberundasana was not taught that day. This is the pose where the alleged assault occurred.
  • My testimony is unrecognizble to me in the report and when I asked for clarification from the investigator and the IYNAUS president, I was denied.
  • One person, the investigator, was charged with not only gathering the information but also evaluating it and making a determination.
  • The investigator apparently did not look into the credibility or bias of the people who made the allegations.
  • Members of IYNAUS ethics committee who originally heard the complaint were not interviewed by the independent investigator. Below is an email from one of the ethics committee members who resigned over the handling of the situation.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-225_li.jpg
Email from IYNAUS Ethics Committee Member

To be continued….

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