The Truth is a Moving Target

In early 2018, two CIYTs from Nashville, Tennessee made a poster for Manouso. It was a gesture of gratitude for Manouso’s teachings and a little tongue and cheek nod to his status as a “rockstar” yogi, an image he had no interest in cultivating. They chose the tag line “The Truth is a Moving Target” from one of Manouso’s lectures in which he talked about the evolution and shift in a person’s worldview and perspective as time passes. The poster sold out in record time and a CIYT from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of Los Angeles decided to make t-shirts with a similar design. This swag became a source of jealousy for other teachers.

When the original accuser took her ethics complaint against Manouso to the press, social media bashed the tagline “The Truth is a Moving Target”. I remember talking to a yogi friend about all the vitriolic comments from yogis on social media, and he made the observation, “I think people just need more friends.” I have thought about that statement a lot. I think it’s true. When people are involved in life and have fulfilling relationships, they are not seeking attention on social media and forming alliances with strangers to bring down “others”. Others= those who do not see the world as they do.

There is but one solution to the intricate riddle of life; to improve ourselves and contribute to the happiness of others.

Mary Shelley

The reference that Manouso is guilty is not consistent with any legal finding. Manouso has denied and continues to deny all the charges.

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