Manouso’s Yoga Teaching

I continue to be amazed by the genius of Manouso’s sequencing, and I have no doubt that his daily online classes are being repeated by yoga teachers in their classes around the world. Manouso credits BKS Iyengar in every class he teaches, but I wonder if teachers are crediting Manouso in their classes. I am sure a few teachers credit him but most can’t because they fear decertification from IYNAUS. And here’s the thing, Manouso’s sequencing is absolutely his own, and the depth of his understanding of the human body makes his sequences impossible to copy. He gives way more credit to Iyengar than is actually owed. BKS and Geeta Iyengar taught Manouso how to practice and Manouso’s sequences are based on his practice. I am confident that even if a person were to memorize word-for-word a Manouso sequence, they could not pull off teaching it with the same sophistication. Manouso has an undeniable gift for understanding the human body and mind through yoga. He’s truly a master of his craft. Thank you Manouso for showing up every day. Your teaching transforms.

100% Manouso Original Material– If you are taught this sequence about the elbow, know where it came from! If you are teaching this, credit the teacher!

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