It’s sad that during a global crisis IYNAUS has revoked the certification of teachers who are assisting Manouso’s online classes. It’s hard enough to make a living as a yoga teacher during a raging pandemic with most yoga studios closed and the online zoom market saturated with free classes. Manouso continues to pay his teachers while other senior teachers offer free classes. Free classes effectively undermine the ability of struggling yoga teachers to make a living when students can find a free yoga class taught by senior teachers pretty much any day of the week. 600 is a very popular number of registrants these days. I noticed that an upcoming star-studded IYNAUS free four-day offering boasts 600 registrants. The president of IYNAUS continues to offer frequent free yoga classes. You get what you pay for, I suppose. I understand during a recent webinar panel discussion regarding opening a yoga studio during COVID-19, CIYT’s were told by a member of the IYNAUS board, a white male attorney, not to make any public statements about the danger of opening studios. Very Trumpian as Fred Smith might say. Defund IYNAUS is what others might say. After a while, an organization serves no purpose other than to justify its existence. IYNAUS was sure to make the disclaimer that the session content was not related to IYNAUS policy. Excuse me?

“Science, like love, is a means to that transcendence, to that soaring experience of the oneness of being fully alive. The scientific approach to nature and my understanding of love are the same: Love asks us to get beyond the infantile projections of our personal hopes and fears, to embrace the other’s reality. This kind of unflinching love never stops daring to go deeper, to reach higher.

This is precisely the way that science loves nature. This lack of a final destination, an absolute truth, is what makes science such a worthy methodology for sacred searching. It is a never ending lesson in humility. The vastness of the universe — and love, the thing that makes the vastness bearable — is out of reach to the arrogant. This cosmos only fully admits those who listen carefully for the inner voice reminding us to remember we might be wrong. What’s real must matter more to us than what we wish to believe.”

Ann Druyan from her book, COSMOS: POSSIBLE WORLDS

2 thoughts on “FUIYNAUS

  1. Such hateful and vicious behavior. There’s a world-wide pandemic, system racism and police brutality tears us all apart and yet… they go after teachers? Strange use of time and resources. Strange priorities.

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